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Open UN-Habitat Open UN-Habitat is the transparency portal of UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements programme.

What we do

UN-Habitat is the United Nations programme working towards sustainable towns and cities. Our mission is to promote sustainable urbanisation and advocate for adequate shelter for all

UN-Habitat runs hundreds of projects in the areas of urban planning and design, urban governance, urban finance, housing and slum upgrading, urban basic services and risk reduction and rehabilitation and our work is both operational and normative in nature.


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Where we work

UN-Habitat works in around 70 countries, mainly in the Global South. For close to forty years, UN-Habitat has been working in human settlements throughout the world, focusing on building a brighter future for villages, towns, and cities of all sizes.

Because of this extensive experience, from the highest levels of policy to a range of specific technical issues, UN-Habitat has a unique and  universally acknowledged expertise in all things urban.


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Who funds us

UN-Habitat’s work is mainly supported financially by voluntary contributions from governments and inter-governmental donors. Other partners, such as local authorities, the private sector, and other UN bodies and multilateral organizations, provide funding for specific programmes. With very limited core resources from the UN system, we depend largely on donor contributions.

Our main donors include  Japan, Spain, USAID, UNDP, European Commission, Saudi Arabia, the EU, Sweden, Netherlands and UNDG.


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