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Support To Unchs (Habitat) Information Activities In The Latin America And The C

The Muncipality of Rio de Janeiro (the Muncipality) is interested benefiting from Habitat activties to reinforce the international vocation of the city of Rio de Janeiro and also in benefiting from the presence of this UN organisation in the city so as to receive its support in teh constant process of building efficiency and effectiveness in the actions of all its Departments toward the sustainable urban development of the city, as indicated in its "Urban Strategic Plan". Habitat is interested in strengthening the partnership with the Muncipality to transfer technical and managerial capabilities developed in the city to benefit cooperation activities in other regions and countries of the world. Habitat is interested in the possibility that the Muncipality, and the city of Rio de Janeiro, become focal points for programmes and initiatives in the area of Human Settlements, including activities in compliance of commitments of a municipal nature stipulated in the Habitat Agenda. Both Habitat and the Municipality are interested in establishing a cooperation programme for the definition and execution of initiatives to promote sustainable urban development at the local level, as defined in the "Habitat Agenda", adopted in the Second UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), which relied on the presence of the Federal Government of Brazil and the administration of the city of Rio de Janeiro; and noting that Habitat-LAC, as a regional entity of Habitat, is in charge of the coordination , in its region, of the systematic monitoring of the results of the Habitat II Conference and of the progressive implementation of the "Habitat Agenda", as well as of global thematic campaigns launched by the agency as a part of its mandate to promote the principles and commitments agreed upon in that global conference.


Transaction type Value Date
ExpenditureUS$ 4,396,0722018-02-01
Incoming FundsUS$ 2,028,8512018-02-01


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Improved awareness of planning instruments for sustainable urbanization at national level Improved capacities for urban governance at national and local levels Improved capacity of regional offices and Habitat programme managers to establish and manage national urban forumsImproved national focus on sustainable urbanization policies International guidelines on decentralization adapted and implemented at country level

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US$ 3,792,594
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South America, regional
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Municipality ofRio de Janeiro, Prefeitura da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro

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