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Strategic Urban Plans For Small Cities In Egypt

The main purpose of the project is to achieve better planning and sustainable management of secondary urban settlements in Egypt. In this regards, the project will enhance the planning methods and tools which are adopted by the Government of Egypt in order to produce Strategic Urban Plans which respond to the local priorities in an efficient and realistic manner.The project aims to achieve the following results:National capacity for policy dialogue and sustainable urban development and management strengthened; conducting of national events related focusing on sustainable urban issues; establishment of several operational urban observatories at national and sub-national level; establishing of a National Habitat Committee and publishing of the State of Egypt Cities Report.Improved inclusive urban planning processes methodologies established for the preparation of Strategic Urban Plans for secondary cities.The target groups can be classified as follows:Direct Beneficiaries: GOPP, the local government authorities, project partners, active NGO's and active local/regional private sector.Indirect Beneficiaries: City dwellers with emphasis on the younger population, and vulnerable groups.The project extension will ensure the active participation of all groups in shaping the future of the city and will facilitate partnerships among influential stakeholders in order to plan and identify the outcomes of the city strategic urban plan.UN-Habitat tools for engaging stakeholders and participatory planning and budgeting methods will be utilized in order to ensure active participation of all parties.The target group comes from various governorates and national institutions public and non public. Those groups are targeted directly, through organized capacity building activities and participatory planning processes and indirectly through building institutional capacities of municipal institutions to address their needs. Also, through a number of monitoring and advocacy activities highlighting their needs, challenges and opportunities.


Transaction type Value Date
ExpenditureUS$ 8,953,3962018-02-01
Incoming FundsUS$ 9,426,1022018-02-01


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Effective policies and strategies related to urban planning, management and governance, including in the context of crisis-prone and post-crisis human settlementsEnhanced strategic partnerships for urban planning, management and governance Improved capacity of institutions that strengthen the  capacity of national and local authorities and partners  Increased application of best policy practices Legislative reports adopted by participants of consultative processes Strengthened capacities of city institutions to develop plans and designs for compact,  socially inclusive,  integrated and connected cities and neighbourhoods

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US$ 9,846,770
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43030, 43030, 16050
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Middle East, regional
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Urban development and management

Urban development and management

Multisector aid for basic social services

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