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Operations Of The Un-Habitat Kuwait Office

The counterpart agency in Kuwait, The Arab Towns Organization (ATO), which has played a pivotal role in the hosting and preparing for the formal establishment of the UN-HABITAT country office, seems to have drifted away from UN-HABITAT engagements in terms of programme collaboration and development. It only participates, as invited guests, in UNHABITAT activities taking place in Kuwait. In the meeting with the new Head of ATO, who joined recently but who is familiar with UN-HABITAT mandate and work, agreed that a proactive initiative is necessary to further collaborate with UN-HABITAT in Kuwait. “A new chapter for new projects should be opened” he said, “to rebuild an urban development programme in the country and as well for the GCC region.” Following features of the MOU between UN-HABITAT and the State of Kuwait give ample opportunity to UN-HABITAT to reengage itself for a wider range of activities; Article 3, item b) says, UN-HABITAT will have responsibility to…” cooperate with regional and international organizations and civil society institutions, the private sector and other parties; Article 3 item h) says, UN-HABITAT will. ”Cooperate with ATO, and other partners in the Arab Towns…. Both the above considerations imply that the Kuwait Office, is expected to embrace work that has a regional dimension, is of vital interest to the GCC region and that in addition to ATO in Kuwait, the office should provide similar services and develop programmes with other partners among the cities in the region besides Kuwait. The Kuwait office is a critical service point for UN-HABITAT as far as prospect for expanding programmes in the GCC countries are concerned.


Transaction type Value Date
ExpenditureUS$ 4,987,8242018-02-01
Incoming FundsUS$ 5,204,6532018-02-01


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Enhanced awareness on sustainable urban development among the public and the mediaEnhanced engagement of all Habitat Agenda Partners and the UN System in sustainable urban developmentEnhanced knowledge and awareness towards inclusive, sustainable and adequate housing for all, within the framework of the Global Housing Strategy.(GHS including the right to adequate housing/protection against forced evictions, housing policies and strategies, housing finance, housing culture and diversity, green housing/protection against forced evictions, housing policies and strategies, housing finance, housing culture and diversity, green housing, post-disaster and housing reconstructionImproved policy dialogue on urban policies within a spatial framework in global for a, as well as by national, regional and metropolitan authoritiesIncreased dissemination and awareness of knowledge on sustainable urbanisation issues Increased number of partner cities and countries that have adopted and implemented the City Prosperity Initiative as a local monitoring strategy

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22010, 16030, 43082, 99810, 43030, 16020
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Middle East, regional, Asia, regional, Developing countries, unspecified
Saudi arabia, Oman
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