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Special Human Settlements Programme For The Palestinian People (Bahrain Funding)

The long-term development objective of the SHSPPP is to improve the human settlements conditions of the Palestinian People and in so doing contribute in a modest way to reaching peace, security and stability in the region. The immediate aims of the SHSPPP are to build the requisite capacity and help establish a housing policy and delivery system Since 2003 in the occupied Palestinian territories, the SHSPPP has the following objectives: a. Institutional capacity-building and strengthening of coordination mechanisms of relevant bodies of the Palestinian Authority responsible for housing delivery and urban management, through multi–stakeholder consultations; shelter delivery and urban management training seminars; strengthening mechanisms for urban planning; and consultation on urban issues; b. Promoting affordable housing finance through field testing of unconventional lending instruments tailored to the needs of low income households, building on the experience of domestic commercial lending, micro finance instruments and community based mortgage mechanisms; c. Enhancement of capacity of research institutions through the establishment of a Palestinian urban observatory, the development and use of urban indicators, enhanced demographic and health surveys and increased capacity of local research institutions; d. Supporting the development of a Palestinian human settlements policy, including legislation on secure tenure, land use management, building codes and shelter delivery; e. Establishment of institutional framework for a GIS – based cadastral system, initially in the zone known as Area A. Overall Goal: A more integrated approach to planning, land and housing results in better protection for Palestinian families, more sustainable urbanisation, and enables housing production and infrastructure investment.


Transaction type Value Date
ExpenditureUS$ 2,353,9472018-02-01
Incoming FundsUS$ 2,054,5262018-02-01


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Improved policy dialogue on urban policies within a spatial framework in  global fora, as  well as by national, regional and metropolitan authorities

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US$ 2,054,526
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Middle East, regional
Palestinian territory, occupied
Participating organisations
Bahrain, PM OF THE KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN TO THE UN, VNG International, Association of Palestine Local Authorities (APLA)

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Urban development and management

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