Project Budget Country Sort descending Region Theme
Training And Capacity Development In Support To The Land Policy Initiative In Africa 652,611 Africa
Shelter Cluster Regional Focal Point For The Americas 56,233 South America Immediate post-emergency reconstruction and rehabilitation
Water And Sanitation Programme, Netherlands Mekwatsan 6,600,000 Asia Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation
Support To Profiling Urban Risk And Resilience 20,000 Asia Disaster prevention and preparedness
Migration And Inclusive Cities In The Arab Region 200,000 Asia Housing policy and administrative management
Youth Empowerment For Urban Development Including Youth Mainstreaming. Norway Funding 2,183,437 Europe Employment creation
Support To The African Ministerial Conference On Housing And Urban Development (Amchud) Secretariat 540,000 Africa Housing policy and administrative management
Strengthening National Capacities To Formulate And Adopt Housing And Slum Upgrading Strategies 629,000 Africa Housing policy and administrative management
The New Urban Agenda Reflected In Best Practices Projects 124,586 South America Research/scientific institutions
Towards Evidence-Based Decision-Making For Cities In Bahrain; Capacity Building Workshop On Urban Observatories And City Prosperity Initiative 46,866 Middle East Research/scientific institutions