Enabling Sustainable Territorial Development In The State Of Pará, Using Concerted Efforts From Public And Private Sectors

UN-Habitat considers that the occupation of territory is a more complex phenomenon than just a simple process of growth of human settlements and economic activities within a given territory.  Specifically in the Amazonia where the State of Pará is located, large mining, industrial or infrastructure projects might have a negative impact on the environment –even on climate change–, as well as surrounding human settlements can get seriously disrupted.  The purpose of this project has to be seen as an opportunity for different stakeholders (mainly local and state authorities, public and private enterprises and civil society) to specify their role and responsibilities, as well as to promote a transformation and adaptation of social, economic and cultural structures, while respecting a given territory and environment.

Thus, this initiative aims to improve institutional and technical capacities of Pará's stakeholders to define and implement policies and actions aiming a sustainable territorial development where large investment projects are or will be occurring. Ultimately, with a second phase to this project, it will aim at facilitating the use of private funding – through environmental licensing – to plan and finance the development of territories.

This project shall also introduce UN-Habitat's tools and methods (Environmental and Social Safeguards, International and Regional Guidelines, the City Prosperity Initiative - CPI, Urban Observatories...) in order to insure appropriate ownership by key actors influencing the transformation of sensitive areas of a territory. This will be achieved through advocacy activities, training and capacity building, and improving strategies and urban/territorial plans.

Region: South America
Donors: Brazil, Companhia de Desenvolvimento Economico do Para
Theme: Research/scientific institutions, Urban development and management
Project Timeline
End Date: 31st March 2020
Start Date: 30th March 2016
Budget Utilisation
Budget: $300,000
Expenditure: $300,000
Outputs / Results

Project EA1: Institutional and technical capacities of Pará’s stakeholders improved on sustainable territorial development and planning

Project EA2: State and municipal institutions, as well as the private sector, positioned as strategic partners regarding the New Urban Agenda debate