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    Addressing The Impacts Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis In Tripoli And Tyre

    The overarching goal of the project is to improve the living conditions of Tripoli and Tyr urban dwellers (including refugees and host communities, men, women and boys and girls), through integrated and cross sectoral neighbourhood upgrading and improved access to basic services. In order to reach this goal, the project shall focus on attaining two key objectives: Objective (1): strengthen local capacities and enhance urban knowledge of decision-makers and community representatives to implement pro-poor policies and plans at the city level. This will be done through developing and promoting City and Neighbourhood Profiles, which are tools that will provide an up-to-date, holistic analysis and documentation of the impact of the Syrian refugee influx on the cities (Tripoli and Tyr), and mainly on the poor neighbourhoods (including Palestinian gatherings). This cross-sectoral and spatial mapping exercise will be conducted in a participatory manner, building on the existing local knowledge and practices and ensuring a strong commitment to the overall project process. Neighbourhood profiling will involve training and on-the-job learning in conducting diagnosis of the situation in the neighbourhoods and in proposing feasible actions. Objective (2): Improve access to basic services for poor urban dwellers through the implementation of upgrading projects in vulnerable neighbourhoods of the two cities Based on the generated data, a holistic neighbourhood upgrading plan will be developed and pilot projects will be implemented to contribute to the upgrading of vulnerable neighbourhoods through improving both shelter conditions and access to basic urban services, while at the same time strengthening social cohesion, mitigating tension and promoting tenure security.


    Transaction type Value Date
    Expenditure US$ 759,576 2018-02-01
    Incoming Funds US$ 1,097,724 2018-02-01


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    Improved capacity of institutions that strengthen the  capacity of national and local authorities and partners  Increased capacity for implementation of urban monitoring systems

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    US$ 1,111,035
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    16050, 43082
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    Middle East, regional
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