Project Budget Sort descending Country Region Theme
Water And Sanitation Trust Fund (Coca Cola Nepal Pvt Ltd) 10,000 Asia Basic drinking water supply and basic sanitation
Supporting The Academy Of Sustainable Urban Mobility (Aosum) 11,232 Europe Urban development and management
Development Of Knowledge Management Systems (Urban Gateway Networks) 14,000 Worldwide Worldwide Sectors not specified
Returnees Settlement Pilot Project In Support To ‘Fata Citizen Losses Compensation Programme (Clcp) 18,190 Pakistan Asia Advanced technical and managerial training
Building Out Vector-Borne Diseases In Sub Saharan Africa (Bova): Environmental Management Of Housing And Infrastructure-Related Disease In The Lake Victoria Region 19,168 Africa Multisector aid for basic social services
Building Capacities For Climate Action At The City Level In The Arab Region Under The Global Covenant Of Mayors (Gcom) For Climate And Energy 20,000 Asia Urban development and management
Using Safetipin To Build Safer Communities 20,000 Kenya Africa Disaster prevention and preparedness
Cpi Umbrella Project 20,000 Worldwide Worldwide Research/scientific institutions
Support To Profiling Urban Risk And Resilience 20,000 Asia Disaster prevention and preparedness
Mainstreaming Sustainable Social Housing In India Project (Mas-Ship) 20,000 India Asia Housing policy and administrative management